Count's Feud 1534-1536

[ 1534 - 1536 ]

The Count's Feud (Danish: Grevens Fejde), also called the Count's War, was a civil war that raged in Denmark in 1534–36 and brought about the Reformation in Denmark. The Count's Feud takes its name from the Protestant Count Christopher of Oldenburg, who supported the Catholic King Christian II, deposed in 1523, over the election of Christian III.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Christian II of Denmark and Christian III of Denmark 1534 1536 View
Christopher, Count of Oldenburg and Duchy of Schleswig 1534 1536 View
Free City of Lubeck and Holstein 1534 1536 View
Scania and Sweden 1534 1536 View
Malmo and Duchy of Prussia 1534 1536 View
Copenhagen and Jutland 1534 1536 View
Zealand and Christian III of Denmark 1534 1536 View

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