Little War in Hungary 1530-1552

[ 1530 - 1552 ]

The Little War (German: Kleinkrieg) is a name given to a series of conflicts between the Habsburgs and their allies and the Ottoman Empire between 1529 (after the Siege of Vienna) and 1552 (the end of the Siege of Eger). The war saw both sides suffering heavy casualties with the result that campaigning in Hungary would not cease until 1566. While overall, the Ottomans had the upper hand, the war failed to produce any decisive result. The Ottoman army remained very powerful in the open field but it often lost a significant amount of time besieging the many fortresses of the Hungarian frontier and its communication lines were now dangerously overstretched. At the end of the little war, the Turkish thrust into central Europe had effectively been stopped, but the Habsburg forces had failed in all their attempts to reclaim the whole of Hungary.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Holy Roman Empire and Turkey (Ottoman Empire) 1530 1552 View
Royal Hungary and Moldavia 1530 1552 View
Spain and Eastern Hungarian Kingdom 1530 1552 View
Vatican (Papal States) and Wallachia 1530 1552 View
Archduchy of Austria and Kingdom of France 1530 1552 View
Kingdom of Bohemia and Serbian Despotate 1530 1552 View

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