Northern Seven Year's War 1563-1570

[ 1563 - 1570 ]

The Northern Seven Years' War (also known as the Nordic Seven Years' War, the First Northern War or the Seven Years War in Scandinavia) was the war between the Kingdom of Sweden and a coalition of Denmark–Norway, Lübeck and the Polish–Lithuanian union, fought between 1563 and 1570. The war was motivated by the dissatisfaction of King Frederick II of Denmark with the dissolution of the Kalmar Union, and the will of King Eric XIV of Sweden to break Denmark's dominating position. The fighting continued until both armies had been exhausted, and many men died. The resulting Treaty of Stettin was a stalemate, with neither party gaining any new territory.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Denmark–Norway and Sweden 1563 1570 View
Free City of Lubeck and Sweden 1563 1570 View
Poland and Sweden 1563 1570 View

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