Bundner Wirren 1618-1639

[ 1618 - 1639 ]
The Bundner Wirren (French: Troubles des Grisons, Italian: Torbidi grigionesi, English: Confusion of Graubunden or Confusion of the Leagues) was a conflict that lasted between 1618 and 1639 in what is now the Swiss canton of Graubunden. The Bundner Wirren was a conflict between the alliance of France and Venice against the Spanish-Austrian Habsburg Monarchy over control of the alpine passes and religion as part of the larger Thirty Years War. The conflict in Graubünden threatened to draw the Swiss Confederation into the Thirty Years War.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Habsburg Monarchy and France 1618 1639 View
Habsburg Monarchy and Venice 1618 1639 View

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