Torstenson War 1643-1645

[ 1643 - 1645 ]

The Torstenson war, Hannibal controversy or Hannibal War (Norwegian: Hannibalsfeiden) was a short period of conflict between Sweden and Denmark–Norway which occurred in 1643 to 1645 during the waning days of the Thirty Years' War. The names refer to Swedish general Lennart Torstenson and Norwegian governor-general Hannibal Sehested.

Denmark, who had already withdrawn from the Thirty Years' War by the Treaty of Lübeck in 1629, suffered a major defeat. In the Second Treaty of Brömsebro (1645), which concluded the war, Denmark had to make huge territorial concessions and exempt Sweden from the Sound Dues, de facto acknowledging the end of the Danish dominium maris baltici. Danish efforts to reverse this result in the Second Northern, Scanian and Great Northern wars were unsuccessful.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Swedish Empire and Denmark–Norway 1643 1645 View
Dutch Republic and Holy Roman Empire 1643 1645 View

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