Third Anglo-Dutch War 1672-1674

[ 1672 - 1674 ]

The Third Anglo-Dutch War or Third Dutch War (Derde Engelse Oorlog or Derde Engelse Zeeoorlog) was a military conflict between England and the Dutch Republic lasting from 1672 to 1674. It was part of the larger Franco-Dutch War. England's Royal Navy joined France in its attack on the Republic, but was frustrated in its attempts to blockade the Dutch coast by four strategic victories of Lieutenant-Admiral Michiel de Ruyter. An attempt to make the province of Holland an English protectorate rump state likewise failed. The English Parliament, fearful that the alliance with France was part of a plot to make England Roman Catholic, forced the king to abandon the costly and fruitless war.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Dutch Republic and Kingdom of England 1672 1674 View
Denmark–Norway and Kingdom of France 1672 1674 View