Chickasaw Wars 1721-1763

[ 1721 - 1763 ]

The Chickasaw Wars were fought in the 18th century between the Chickasaw allied with the British against the French and their allies the Choctaws and Illini. The Province of Louisiana extended from Illinois to New Orleans, and the French fought to secure their communications along the Mississippi River. The Chickasaw, dwelling in northern Mississippi and western Tennessee, lay across the French path. Much to the eventual advantage of the British and the later United States, the Chickasaw successfully held their ground. The wars came to an end only with the French cession of New France to the British in 1763 according to terms of the Treaty of Paris.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Kingdom of Great Britain and Kingdom of France 1721 1763 View
Chickasaw and Choctaw 1721 1763 View
Kingdom of Great Britain and Illinois Confederation 1721 1763 View

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