First Carnatic War 1746-1748

[ 1746 - 1748 ]

The First Carnatic War (1746-1748) was the Indian theatre of the War of the Austrian Succession and the first of a series of Carnatic Wars that established early British dominance on the east coast of the Indian subcontinent. In this conflict the British and French East India Companies vied with each other on land for control of their respective trading posts at Madras, Pondicherry, and Cuddalore, while naval forces of France and Britain engaged each other off the coast. The war demonstrated to French, British, and Indian observers the extraordinary advantage of European-trained military forces over those of the local Indian powers, and set the stage for the rapid growth of French hegemony in southern India under the command of French Governor-General Joseph François Dupleix in the Second Carnatic War.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Nizam of Hyderabad and French East India Company 1746 1748 View
Nawab of the Carnatic and East India Company 1746 1748 View
Kingdom of Great Britain and French East India Company 1746 1748 View