Theater War 1788-1790

[ 1788 - 1790 ]

The Theatre War (Swedish: Teaterkriget), Cowberry War or Cranberry War, was a brief war between Denmark–Norway and Sweden, starting on 24 September 1788, formally lasting until 9 July 1789. Although the decision to launch the attack was taken in Denmark, the majority of the attacking soldiers were Norwegians from the Danish-Norwegian army.

The attack was directed towards the area known as Bohuslän in Sweden, and was supposed to be a diversion to support Russia who were allies of Denmark–Norway. Russia had in turn been attacked by Sweden (Gustav III's Russian War). Denmark–Norway had to honour their alliance with them, which they had signed in 1773.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Denmark–Norway and Sweden 1788 1790 View

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