Polish–Russian War of 1792

[ 1792 ]

The Polish–Russian War of 1792 was fought between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on one side, and the Targowica Confederation (conservative nobility of the Commonwealth opposed to the new Constitution of 3 May 1791) and the Russian Empire under Catherine the Great on the other.

The war took place in two theaters: northern in Lithuania and southern in Ukraine. In both, the Polish forces retreated before the numerically superior Russian forces, though they offered significantly more resistance in the south, thanks to the effective leadership of Polish commanders Prince Józef Poniatowski and Tadeusz Kosciuszko. During the three-month long struggle several battles were fought, but no side scored a decisive victory. The largest success of the Polish forces was the defeat of one of the Russian formations at the Battle of Zielence on 18 June; in the aftermath of the battle the Polish highest military award, Virtuti Militari, was established. The war ended when the Polish King Stanislaw August Poniatowski decided to seek a diplomatic solution, asked for a ceasefire with the Russians and joined the Targowica Confederation, as demanded by the Russian Empire.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Russia (USSR) and Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth 1792 / 5 / 18 1792 / 7 / 27 View
Targowica Confederation and Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth 1792 / 5 / 18 1792 / 7 / 27 View

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