Ashanti Invasion of the "Gold Coast" 1814-1816

[ 1814 - 1816 ]

In 1814 the Ashanti ( Asante), under the leadership of Asantehene Osei Bonsu, again defeated the Akim-Akwapim alliance, but when they followed up their victory by pillaging Accra, instead of attacking the Europeans, they lost a valuable ally in the Ga people. The coastal people, primarily some of the Fante and the inhabitants of the new town of Accra, who were chiefly Ga, came to rely on British protection against Ashanti incursions. 

However, in 1816 the Ashanti advanced into Fante country, capturing and killing the fleeing Akim-Akwapim leaders and they established themselves as overlords of all the region between the Ashanti and the sea. Local British, Dutch, and Danish authorities were all forced to come to terms with Ashanti, and in 1817 the African Company of Merchants signed a treaty of friendship that recognized Ashanti claims to sovereignty over large areas of the coast and its peoples.

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