Bolivar in Venezuela 1813-1814

[ 1813 - 1814 ]

[1813] Returing to Venezuela, Simon Bolivar's forces defeated Juan Monteverde's Spanish army in a series of battles, taking Caracas (August 6, 1813) and besieging Monteverde at Puerto Cabello (September 1813).

[1814] Heavily reinforced Spainish forces in Venezuela lost a series of battles to Simon Bolivar's forces but decisively defeated Bolivar at La Puerta (June 15, 1814), took Caracus (July 16, 1814), and again defeated his army at Aragua (August 18, 1814), at a cost of 2,000 Spanish casualties of 10,000 engaged and most of the 3,000 in the rebel army. Bolivar then fled into exile.

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