Owu-Ife War 1811

[ 1811 ]

With the shift in the slave trade to Lagos, the role of the Ijebu as middlemen became more important. Oyo sold many of its slaves to Ijebu dealers at Apomu, but Law argues that in the 1810s supplies from Oyo were limited, and the Ijebu were hard-pressed to meet the demand (1977: 274). Attacks on travellers and kidnappings became common in the area, and it was from such an incident that the Owu conflict arose. In 1811, Oyo travellers were being harassed at Apomu by Ife, raiders. On Oyo instructions, Owu intervened and destroyed a number of Ife villages. This provoked a war between Owu and Ife, which Owu won.

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