Fifth Kaffir War 1818-1819

[ 1818 - 1819 ]

[one of the Kaffir Wars, also called Cape Frontier Wars] 

Cape Frontier Wars also called KAFFIR, OR KAFIR, WARS (1779-1879), 100 years of intermittent warfare between the Cape colonists and the Xhosa agricultural and pastoral peoples of the Eastern Cape, in South Africa. One of the most prolonged struggles by African peoples against European intrusion, it ended in the annexation of Xhosa territories by the Cape Colony and the incorporation of its peoples...

Tensions east of the Great Fish River led to warfare on the frontier again in 1818-19, both between sections of the Xhosa and between the British and the Xhosa under Ndlambe and their prophet, Makana. After this war, the territory between the Great Fish and the Keiskamma was declared neutral (and later "ceded"), and the British government tried to clear it of its Xhosa inhabitants, but in vain. From this time, congestion on the land was increased by the influx of Mfengu refugees from the Mfecane in Natal, and the settlement of British colonists on the frontier in 1820 led to increased restlessness there.

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