Ashanti Invasion of the "Gold Coast" 1838

[ 1838 ]

It was unlikely that the Ashanti (Asante) would for long maintain the rather one-sided peace treaty of 1831. In 1838 when Kwaku Dua (reigned 1838-67) succeeded Osei Yaw Akoto as asantehene (king of the Ashanti) he was persuaded to reopen the war against the Assin, Akim and Denkyera. Thus the uneasy seven-year peace ended -- a time during which trade increased and Wesleyan missionary work was begun on the Gold coast, thanks to President of the Council (or Governor) Captain George Maclean's support.

Maclean in his work to achieve peace was hindered by the Danes at Christiansborg and the Dutch at Elmina. The former claimed control of Accra and were endeavoring to establish a protectorate over Akwapim, Akim and Krobo. The Dutch were suspected of intriguing with the Asante to resume the slave trade and of encouraging them to attack the coastal tribes again by supplying them with arms.

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