Siamese-Cambodian War 1831-1834

(Siamese-Vietnamese War of 1831-34)

[ 1831 - 1834 ]

After Ang Chan II (1791-1835) regained the Cambodian throne [1812], Siamese forces moved into Cambodia's northern areas and then southward, defeating the Cambodians at the Battle of Kompong Chang and forcing Ang Chan to flee to Vietnam (1832). The Siamese advanced to Chau-doc and Vinh-long in southern Vietnam before being confronted by Vietnamese troops and forced to pull back. A general uprising broke out in Cambodia and eastern Laos (under Siamese control) while a 15,000-man Vietnamese army marched against the Siamese (1833) and assisted Ang Chan in returning to Udong, the Cambodian capital (north of Phnom Penh). With the withdrawal of the Siamese, almost total Vietnamese control was exercised over Cambodia.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Nguyen dynasty and Rattanakosin Kingdom 1831 1834 View

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