AD Revolt in Venezuela 1845

[ 1845 ]
President Isaias Medina Angarita (1897-1953) of Venezuela relaxed government control sufficiently to allow the establishment of opposition political parties, including the Accion Democratica (Democratic Action), a socialist and leftist party that appealed to the middle class, workers, students, and young army officers. As the election of 1945 approached, the Accion Democratica became frustrated because under the constitution the next president would be chosen by the Venezuelan Congress rather than by popular election. The likely government choices were unacceptable to the party, and on October 18, 1945, some of the party's young officers led a revolt, ousted and jailed Median, and placed a seven-man junta in control with Romulo Betancourt (1908-81) as provisional president. The new government put forth the constitution of 1947, providing for new social legislation, and held the first free presidential election in Venezuelan history later that year.

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