Basuto-Boer War 1865-1868

[ 1865 - 1868 ]

For many years, the Basutos under King Moshweshwe (c. 1786-1880) successfully resisted encroachments of the Boers of the Orange Free State, with who they competed for pature and farmland. By the mid-1860s, however, Moshweshwe's powers were waning and Boer strength had grown; and , as fighting intensified, the Boers gained the upper hand. Moshweshwe appealed for British protection, but British negotiators were unsuccessful, and by the Treaty of Thaba Bosiu in 1866 the Orange Free State acquired most of Basutoland. Further fighting erupted in 1867, but just as the Basutos approached total collapse, Sir Philip Wodehouse, British high commissioner, cut off the Orange Free State's ammunition supply and annexed Basutoland.

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