Bukharan Rebellion 1868

[ 1868 ]

The Emir's problems did not cease with the signing of a peace treaty. Those elements in Bokhara which had become dissatisfied with Muzaffar's leadership had withdrawn to the mountainous wilds of Shahr-i-Sabz in eastern Bokhara. Shahr-iSabz, as stated, was semi-autonomous and in a state of near perpetual rebellion against the emir. Feeling it necessary to maintain Muzaffar in place in order to further their own policies in Central Asia, the Russians decided to suppress the rebels. A column led by Abramov, now a major general, was sent into eastern Bokhara. The rebels met the Russian force near the town of Karshi, where the insurgents were crushed during a three-day battle in October, 1868.

As a reward, Abramov became the commandant of the newly created Zarafshan District.

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