Kokandian Invasion of Russia 1860

[ 1860 ]

In 1860, the Kokandians invaded the Kazakh-populated Russian province of Seminech'ye and attempted to foment rebellion among their co-religionists. Some 20,000 Kokandians laid siege to the Russian outpost at Uzun-Agach. In the tradition of the American Western movies, a column of some 800 troops and six guns, led by one Lieutenant Colonel Kolpakovsky, marched to rescue the trapped garrison. In open battle, Kolpakovsky defeated and routed the Kokandian host. According to source materials, Muslim cavalry showed great courage but the infantry and artillery of the Kokandians left much to be desired.

The strategic and political importance of the actions at Uzun-Agach vastly outweigh the military value of the siege and Kolpakovsky's battle, particularly to the Russians. The actions reactivated Russian desires for, and interest in, Central Asia. But General Perovsky had left Orenburg for good in 1860. He was succeeded by General A. P. Bezak, who would hold the governor-generalship until 1865.

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