Carlist Coup Attempt in Spain 1860

[ 1860 ]

Carlos Luis De Borbón, Count (conde) De Montemolín [b. Jan. 31, 1818, Madrid, Spain; d. Jan. 13, 1861, Trieste, Austrian Empire [now in Italy] ] byname DON CARLOS, the second Carlist, or Bourbon traditionalist, Spanish pretender (as Charles VI) who twice attempted unsuccessfully to seize the throne and who by perpetuating the breach within the Bourbon royal family helped weaken support for the monarchy... In 1860 he again tried to wrest the throne from Isabella but was unsuccessful. He was captured and signed an abject renunciation of his claims, which he repudiated once safely in exile. When he died childless shortly thereafter, Carlist leadership passed to his brother Don Juan.

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