Bukharan Provincial Rebellion 1870

[ 1870 ]

This does not mean that the Russians had been idle in that region. In 1870, Major General Abramov had led a punitive expedition against the rebellious Bokharan provinces of Shahr-i-Sabz and Kitab. By the end of that year, the Emir's authority had been restored to both.


As a reward, Abramov became the commandant of the newly created Zarafshan District. Two years later he again had to march into Shahr-i-Sabz and the neighboring. province of Kitab to suppress rebellion. After the capture of Shahr and Kitab cities and the flight of the real hakims, Abramov invited the Emir to resume the governing of the two troublesome provinces. Thereafter, though nominally independent. The Emir was a loyal vassal to the Tsar.

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