Boer Revolt in the Transvaal 1880-1881

[ 1880 - 1881 ]

In 1877 Sir Theophilus Shepstone annexed the financially bankrupt republic to Britain over the halfhearted protest of its then-president, Thomas F. Burgers. The British failed to fulfill their promises of internal self-government to the Boers, however, and late in 1880 the Afrikaners revolted against the British and declared a new Transvaal republic. They regained their independence -- subject to certain provisos -- in 1881 after overwhelming British forces at the Battle of Majuba Hill. Paul Kruger became the new republic's first president.


In 1877, fearing a collapse of the South African Republic in the face of defeat by a Pedi army, the British had formally annexed the Boer state, as the Transvaal. They then set about destroying the Pedi to obtain laborers for the Kimberley mines, and they completed the task in 1879. In 1880, however, the Transvaalers rose, and at the Battle of Majuba Hill in 1881, they defeated a British army. The British then withdrew, leaving the Boers victorious in what they would later call their First War of Independence.

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Total Casualties 11000 Killed and Wounded
Casualties Killed / Wounded
Military Casualties Killed 11000 /Wounded
Civilian Casualties Killed / Wounded
Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Boers and United Kingdom - UK (Great Britain) 1980 1981 View
Weapon Name Weapon Class Weapon Class Type
RML 7 pounder Mountain Gun Vehicle Towed Artillery
Lancaster pistol Manportable Handguns
Martini–Henry Manportable Rifles

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