Samory's Migration War circa 1891-1898

[ 1891 - 1898 ]

The most serious threat to Sierra Leone came from the Sofas [also called Mandingo] under their chief Samori Toure'. Driven out of their native West Africa by the French, the Sofas migrated into eastern Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Gold Coast. They traded for modern guns and began launching slave raids against their neighbors.

Two columns, about 500 men total were sent in a pincher movement to drive them out of Sierra Leone. After burning Sofa camps and numerous firefights the biggest battle took place at Tungea where 1500 constables and native auxiliaries defeated the Sofas.

One incident in this war was the accidental clash between British and French forces. A French officer leading his Senegalese tirailleures was mislead to believe that a group of Sofas were camped near by. Leading his men to the camp he attacked what was in reality a detachment of the West Indies Regiment. 17 were killed including the French officer.

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