Ashanti Uprising 1900

[ 1900 ]

During 1899-1900, the British twice tried to take possession of the Golden Stool, symbol of Ashanti (Asante) power and independence. Sometime in March- April 1900, the Ashanti reacted to these attempts by launching an armed rebellion and by laying siege to the Kumasi fort, where the British governor and his party had sought refuge. 

A British force was sent out to lift the siege but proved to be to small after some firefights 800 fought their into the fort. This proved to be too many people for their supplies so the governor left a small force to hold the fort and led a break out that fought its way to friendly territory. A larger force was sent out to relieve the fort and after severe fighting it broke through to Kumasi. At Aboasa they clashed with the Ashanti, who abandoning their skirmishing ways rushed headlong into the British machine guns.

The British eventually suppressed the Ashanti, both capturing and exiling the rebellion's leader, Yaa Asantewaa, and fifteen of her closest advisers. The conclusion of the last Anglo-Ahsanti conflict resulted in the formal annexation of the Ashanti empire as a British possession; the British established a protectorate on January 1, 1902.

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