Second Jihad of the "Mad Mullah" 1907-1920

[ 1907 - 1920 ]

By [1907], he was again militant and initiated another jihad. Called the "Mad Mullah" by the British, he had about 10,000 followers who terrorized the entire area, killing almost a third of the maile population. Left controle of the interior by the British (1910), he nonetheless attacked coastal Somaliland. In 1913, Salihiyah forces annihilated the British-led Somali Camel Constabulary at Dul Madoba; during World War I, with Turkish and German support, they harassed the British from a stronghold at Taleh. Bombed out of Taleh in 1920, the Mad Mullah fled to Ethiopia, where he died. The Salihiyah dissolved, but in some Somali areas the Mad Mullah continued to be regarded as a hero of wars of national liberation.

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