Albanian Uprising in the Ottoman Empire 1910

[ 1910 ]

The Albanians had assisted the Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire because of a promise that Albania would have autonomy and relief from repressive Turkish taxation. However, once in power, the Young Turks reneged and, instead levied new taxes, outlawed guerrilla groups and nationalist societies, and attempted to extend Constantinople's control over the northern Albanian mountain men. About 8000 Albanians in Kosovo and the northern mountains rebelled in March (or early April) 1910. The uprising soon spread to Korçë to the southeast and into western Macedonia. The Albanian leaders met in Montenegro, adopted a memorandum demanding self-government for Albania, and sent it to the Turkish government, which rejected it. A large Turkish army brutally crushed the uprising in June 1910. Albanian organizations were outlawed, entire regions were disarmed, and Albanian schools and publications were closed down.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Albania and Turkey (Ottoman Empire) 1910 1910 View

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