Ikhwan Raiding of British Protectorates 1921-1922

[ 1921 - 1922 ]

Emboldened by their success, the warriors disregarded orders and crossed the border into Transjordan. The raiding and plundering of their Hashimite ally aroused the British, who counterattacked with devastating effect, using armored cars and aircraft.


[Ikhwan] ... conducted border raids against his sons 'Abd Allah of Transjordan and Faysal of Iraq (1921-22).


Meanwhile Faysal and Abdullah, the sons of Sharif Husayn of Mecca, king of the Hejaz, had been placed on the thrones of Iraq and Transjordan, respectively, by the British government. These territories with the Hejaz served as a formidable British-protected cordon around the northern and western borders of the Wahhabi state, with the inevitable result of frequent border incidents.


Ikhwan Raiding of Kuwait 1921-1922

In defiance of Abd al Aziz's authority, however, they continued to raid the British protectorates. Recognizing that the wild forays of the Ikhwan could only be a constant irritant and source of danger to his leadership, Abd al Aziz began to form a more conventional and more disciplined army.


Kuwait experienced border raids and a Sa'udi blockade over payment of customs duties.

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