The Memel Insurrection in Lithuania 1923

[ 1923 ]

The predominantly German city of Memel (also known as Klaipeda) in western Lithuania on the Baltic Sea had been under inter-Allied control since the end of World War I in 1918. Although Lithuania asked that the Allied powers grant it control of the city and the associated district (Memelland), the allies instead established a French garrison in the city for administrative purposes. On January 11, 1923, an insurrection broke out, engineered by the Lithuanians, whose troops occupied Memel and forced the French to leave. By January 15th, Lithuania had possession of the entire district. The Allied powers protested and investigated the situation. However, on February 16th, the Allies agreed to accept Lithuanian sovereignty over Memel (city and district). Later in the year, the Allies decided to make Memel an autonomous region within Lithuania. The Lithuanians officially accepted the decision by signing the Memel Statute on May 8, 1924.

Dictionary of Wars, 294; MEMEL - KLAIPEDA.

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