Anti-Royalist Uprising in Crete 1935

[ 1935 ]

Cretan-born statesman and politician Eleutherios Venizelos (1864-1936), who had held the Greek premiership six times between 1910 and 1933, was leader of the antiroyalist Liberal Party, which opposed the Populist (royalist) Party and its leader Panayoti Tsaldaris (1868-1936), premier of Greece since 1933. In early March 1935, the Venizelists -- followers of Venizelos -- rose up in arms in Crete, Athens, and Macedonia to protest the imminent restoration of the monarchy. (Greece had been governed as a republic since 1924.) Government forces under General George Kondylis (1879-1936) fought and defeated the rebelling Venizelists, who held out the longest in Crete; Venizelos was forced to flee to France, where he died in exile in Paris about a year later.

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