Achinese Rebellion in Indonesia 1953-1957

[ 1953 - 1957 ]

Muslim Achinese (Achenese) rebels in northern Sumatra protested against the annexation of the state of Achin or Acheh (now Atjeh) to the republic of Indonesia, formed in 1950. On Septemeber 20, 1953, Tengku daud Beureuh, military governor of Achin before its annexaction, led an open armed rebellion against the Indonesian government of President Sukarno (1901-70). Achinese attacked police and army posts, attempting to obtain more arms for a full-scale rebellion. Scattered guerrilla fighting continued until a cease-fire was arranged in March 1957, with Achin declared a separate province.

...Native revolts broke out on other Indonesian islands that sought more autonomy...

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