Military Revolt in Argentina 1955

[ 1955 ]

Dissatisfaction spread as Peron's grip on [Argentina] weakened. Peron offered to resign (August 31, 1955), but the working classes indicated continued support for him by calling a general strike until he promised to remain in office. On September 16, 1955, army revolts against Peron broke out in Cordoba, Rosario, Santa Fe, and Parana; the navy and air force soon joined and threatened to bomb Buenos Aires unless Peron resigned. With the army, navy, and air force converging on the capital, Peron took refuge on a Paraguayan gunboat anchored in the harbor and later flew to Paraguay and on to exile in Spain. On September 23, 1955, five days after Peron had been ousted, General Eduardo Lonardi (1896-1956) became provisional president, but his predecessor's influence on Argentine politics remained strong, and the Peronistas are still a force to be reckoned with in Argentina.

Dictionary of Wars, 32.

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