Lebanese- Palestinian Clashes 1969

[ 1969 ]

Periodic clashes between the guerrillas and the Lebanese Army continued throughout the late spring, summer, and fall of 1969. In the late summer of 1969, several guerrilla groups moved to new bases, better located for attacks against Israel. Israel regularly raided these bases in reprisal for guerrilla raids on its territory. In October the Lebanese Army attacked some guerrilla camps in order to restrict their activity, an action that led to several demonstrations in support of the guerrillas.

Syria condemned Lebanese military action against the Palestinians. Nasser, president of Egypt, invited both parties to Cairo, and an agreement was negotiated in November 1969 to end the hostilities. On November 2, 1969, the Lebanese commander in chief and Yasir Arafat, the head of Al Fatah, the leading faction within the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), agreed in Cairo to a cease-fire. The secret Cairo Agreement set limits on Palestinian guerrilla operations in Lebanon and helped to restore calm.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Israel and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) 1968 1982 View
South Lebanon Army and Syria 1968 1982 View
Lebanese Front and Lebanese National Movement 1968 1982 View

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