Belize Crisis 1975

[ 1975 ]

In 1975, after another threat from across the border [with Guatemala], the British called on the RAF, and a squadron of Harriers is now based there.

The [British Honduras] colony was by then self-governing (and had assumed the name Belize). Entirely ready for independence, its government finally abandoned the cautious diplomacy of the past, and took its case to the United Nations. To begin with, Belize was supported only by Britain and the Commonwealth, but it rapidly won further adherents including the Non-Aligned Group (Third World members of the UN). The United States, however, continued to support Guatemala by abstaining whenever there was a vote at the UN... Finally, in 1980, the UN voted for Belizean independence: 139 to 0, with 7 abstentions, Guatemala refusing to vote. On that occasion, the US voted for Belize, which at last became independent in 1981...

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