Cambodian Refugees in Thailand 1975-1995

[ 1975 - 1995 ]

Thousands of refugees from Kampuchea (Cambodia) crossed the border into Thailand to escape starvation and death after the communist Khmer Rouge takeover of their country in 1975... [Vietnamese intervention in Kampuchea resulted in a continued flow of refugees into Thailand, as well as guerrilla fighters. Support for the refugees and their eventual repatriation were important issues in Thailand.] By 1992, United Nations peacekeeping forces (over 16,000 strong) were implementing a possible political settlement and peace process in Cambodia (no longer called Kampuchea since 1989). UN forces assisted in the repatriation of about 375,000 refugees from the Thai border, and by August 1992 an estimated 100,000 had returned home to Cambodia. ...Khmer Rouge terrorism in 1993 caused many persons to flee to Thailand. In September 1995, Cambodia and Thailand, their strife quieted, set up a commission to govern their common border (excluding their rival claims in the Gulf of Thailand).

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