Palace Guard Revolt in Cameroon 1984

[ 1984 ]

On April 6, 1984, dissident members of the presidential palace guard violently sought to seize political power in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, in western central Africa on the Guld of Guinea. The revolt was apparently ignited by an order by Cameroon's President Paul Biya (1933-), a southern Christian, to transfer all palace guards who came from the predominantly Muslim north. Armed forces loyal to Biya won victory over the rebels after several days of heavy fighting, in which a least 500 were killed. Over 1,000 dissident "regionalists and spearatists" were arrested; 35 of them were immediately sentenced to death and executed. Soon after, the government declared a six-month-long state of emergency in Yaounde and the surrounding region. Biya consolidated his political power and continually won re-election into the late 1990s.

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