Konkomba-Nanumba Violence in Ghana 1994-1995

[ 1994 - 1995 ]

On Febrary 3, 1994, longtime enmity between the Konkomba and Nanumba tribal ethnic groups erupted into fighting in the Northern Region of Ghana in West Africa. Konkombas, who originate in the neighbouring Togo, demanded similar traditional landowning rights held by the native Nanumbas. Ghanian troops were sent to restore order after at least 1,000 persons had been killed and more than 150,000 displaced as a result of the violent clashes; President Jerry John Rawlings (1947-) also imposed a state of emergency in seven districts and successfully sought a peace agreement between the warring factions that would settle the land dispute (signed in the capital of Accra on June 9, 1994)...

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