EPR Revolt in Mexico 1996

[ 1996 ]

While trying to conclude an accord with the Zapatistas, the Mexican government under President Ernesto Zedillo (1951-) confronted another armed guerrilla group, the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR), based in the village of Aguas Blancas in the southwestern Mexican state of Guerrero. The EPR, entirely separate from the Zapatistas, called the Zedillo regime corrupt, illegitimate, and antidemocratic. In August 1996, EPR rebels launched coordinated attacks against government targets in six Mexican states, inciting a large military offensive by Zedillo against them. The guerrillas were forced to retreat into mountain areas and hamlets, where they undertook a propaganda and harassment campaign against the government in 1997. EPR leaders, bolstered by some leftist politicians, called for a newly written constitution for Mexico.

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