Civil war in Afghanistan 1992–1996

[ 1992 - 1996 ]

The 1992 to 1996 phase of the conflict in Afghanistan (1978–present) began after the resignation of the communist President Mohammad Najibullah. The post-communist Islamic State of Afghanistan was established by the Peshawar Accord, a peace and power-sharing agreement under which all the Afghan parties were united in April 1992, except for the Hezb-e Islami of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Hekmatyar started a bombardment campaign against the capital city Kabul which marked the beginning of this new phase in the war. In direct contrast to the Soviet era, the countryside witnessed relative calm during that period while major cities such as Kabul, Mazar-e Sharif and Kandahar witnessed violent fighting.

Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Afghanistan and Hezb-e Islami Khalis 1992 1996 View
Shura-e Nazar and Taliban 1992 1996 View
Jamiat-e Islami and Pakistan 1992 1996 View
Islamic Movement of Afghanistan and National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan (Junbish-i Milli) 1992 1996 View
Hezb-i Wahdat and Saudi Arabia 1992 1996 View
National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan (Junbish-i Milli) and Uzbekistan 1992 1996 View

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