Cambodian–Thai border dispute 2008-2011

[ 2008 - 2011 ]

The Cambodian–Thai border dispute began in June 2008 as the latest round of a century-long dispute between Cambodia and Thailand involving the area surrounding the 11th-century Preah Vihear Temple, located in the Dângrêk Mountains between the Choam Khsant district in the Preah Vihear province of northern Cambodia and the Kantharalak district (amphoe) in the Sisaket province of northeastern Thailand.

According to the Cambodian ambassador to the United Nations, the most recent dispute began on July 15, 2008 when about 50 Thai soldiers moved into the Keo Sikha Kiri Svara pagoda vicinity which he claims is located in Cambodia's territory about 300 metres (980 ft) from the Temple of Preah Vihear. Thailand claims the demarcation has not yet been completed for the external parts of the area adjacent to the temple, which was adjudged to be Cambodian by a 9 to 3 decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 1962. By August 2008, the dispute had expanded to the 13th century Ta Moan temple complex 153 kilometres (95 mi) west of Preah Vihear (14°20'57?N 103°15'59?E), where Cambodia has accused Thai troops of occupying a temple complex it claims is on Cambodian land. The Thai foreign ministry denied that any troops had moved into that area until several were killed in an encounter in April 2011. An agreement was reached in December 2011 to withdraw troops from the disputed area.

On November 11, 2013, the ICJ declared in a unanimous decision that the 1962 ICJ judgment had awarded all of the promontory of Preah Vihear to Cambodia and that Thailand had an obligation to withdraw any stationed Thai military, police, or guard forces from that area. However, it rejected Cambodia's argument that the judgment had also awarded the hill of Phnom Trap (three kilometers northwest of the temple) to Cambodia, finding that it had made no ruling on sovereignty over the hill.

Total Casualties 41 Killed and Wounded
Casualties Killed / Wounded
Military Casualties Killed 36 /Wounded
Civilian Casualties Killed 5 / Wounded
Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Thailand (Siam) and Cambodia (Kampuchea) 2008 View
Weapon Name Weapon Class Weapon Class Type
GC-45 howitzer Vehicle Towed Artillery
CAESAR self-propelled howitzer Vehicle Self-Propelled artillery
Dragunov sniper rifle Manportable Rifles
TT pistol Manportable Handguns
RPD Manportable Machine Guns
M60 machine gun Manportable Machine Guns
PK machine gun Manportable Machine Guns
RPK Manportable Machine Guns
Type 69 RPG Manportable Rocket Launcher
RPG-2 Manportable Rocket Launcher

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