Invasion of Anjouan 2008

[ 2008 ]

The invasion of Anjouan (code-named Operation Democracy in Comoros), on March 25, 2008, was an amphibious assault led by the Comoros, backed by African Union (AU) forces, including troops from Sudan, Tanzania, Senegal, along with logistical support from Libya and France. The objective of the invasion was to topple Colonel Mohamed Bacar's leadership in Anjouan, an island part of the Union of Comoros, when he refused to step down after a disputed 2007 election, in defiance of the federal government and the AU. The Comoros archipelago in the Indian Ocean has had a fractious history since independence from France in 1975, experiencing more than 20 coups or attempted coups.

The invasion occurred on the early morning of March 25, 2008. The main towns were quickly overrun and the island was declared under the control of the invading forces the same day. Mohamed Bacar managed to escape to Mayotte on March 26 and requested political asylum. He was subsequently held in custody there by the French administration and brought to the island of Réunion. On May 15, France rejected Bacar's request for asylum but the French refugee office ruled that the ousted leader could not be extradited to the Comoros because of the risk of persecution.

Total Casualties 24 Killed and Wounded
Casualties Killed / Wounded
Military Casualties Killed 3 /Wounded 10
Civilian Casualties Killed / Wounded 11
Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Comoros and Anjouan 2008 / 3 / 25 2008 / 3 / 26 View
Sudan and Anjouan 2008 / 3 / 25 2008 / 3 / 26 View
Tanzania and Anjouan 2008 / 3 / 25 2008 / 3 / 26 View
Senegal and Anjouan 2008 / 3 / 25 2008 / 3 / 26 View

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