Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines 2002

[ 2002 - ]

Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines (OEF-P) or Operation Freedom Eagle was part of Operation Enduring Freedom and the U.S. Global War on Terrorism. The Operation targeted at the Communist insurgency in the Philippines and various Islamic terrorist groups. About 600 U.S. military personnel were advising and assisting the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the Southern Philippines. In addition, the CIA had sent its elite paramilitary officers from their Special Activities Division to hunt down and kill or capture key terrorist leaders. This group had the most success in combating and capturing Al-Qaeda leaders and the leaders of associated groups like Abu Sayyaf.

Total Casualties 350 Killed and Wounded
Casualties Killed 350 / Wounded
Military Casualties Killed 350 /Wounded
Civilian Casualties Killed / Wounded
Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
Philippines and Moro Islamic Liberation Front 2002 / 1 / 15 View
United States Armed Forces and Abu Sayyaf 2002 View
Philippines and Jemaah Islamiyah 2002 View
New People's Army and Moro Islamic Liberation Front 2002 View
Communist Party of the Philippines and Abu Sayyaf 2002 View

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