War in Darfur 2003

[ 2003 - ]

The War in Darfur is a major armed onslaught in the Darfur region of Sudan. It began in February 2003 when the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) rebel groups took up arms against the government of Sudan, which they accused of oppressing Darfur's non-Arab population. The government responded to attacks by carrying out a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Darfur's non-Arabs. This produced the deaths of tens to hundreds of thousands of civilians and the indictment of Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir for genocide and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court.

One side of the conflict was composed mainly of Sudanese military and police and the Janjaweed, a Sudanese militia group recruited mostly among Arabized indigenous Africans and a small number of Bedouin of the northern Rizeigat; the majority of other Arab groups in Darfur remained uninvolved. The other side was made up of rebel groups, notably the SLM/A and the JEM, recruited primarily from the non-Arab Muslim Fur, Zaghawa, and Masalit ethnic groups. Although the Sudanese government publicly denies that it supported the Janjaweed, evidence supports claims that it provided financial assistance and weapons and coordinated joint attacks, many against civilians.

Estimates of the number of human casualties range up to several hundred thousand dead, from either combat or starvation and disease. Mass displacements and coercive migrations forced millions into refugee camps or across the border, creating a humanitarian crisis. Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, described the situation as a genocide or acts of genocide.

The Sudanese government and the JEM signed a ceasefire agreement in February 2010, with a tentative agreement to pursue peace. The JEM has the most to gain from the talks and could see semi-autonomy much like South Sudan. However, talks were disrupted by accusations that the Sudanese army launched raids and air strikes against a village, violating the agreement. The JEM, the largest rebel group in Darfur, vowed to boycott negotiations.

Total Casualties 196 Killed and Wounded
Casualties Killed 196 / Wounded
Military Casualties Killed 196 /Wounded
Civilian Casualties Killed / Wounded
Belligerents Initiation Date Termination Date
National Redemption Front (NRF) and Rapid Support Forces (Sudan) 2003 / 2 / 26 View
Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (LSM) and Janjaweed 2003 / 2 / 26 View
Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) and Janjaweed 2003 View
Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and Politics of Sudan 2003 View

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