Jubaland State of Somalia, also known as Jubaland (Somali: Jubbaland‎), the Juba Valley (Somali: Dooxada Jubba) or Azania (Somali: Azaaniya‎), is an autonomous region in southern Somalia. Its eastern border lies 40–60 km east of the Jubba River, stretching from Gedo to the Indian Ocean, while its western side flanks the North Eastern Province, which was carved out of Jubaland during the colonial period.

Jubaland has a total area of 87,000 km² (33,000 sq mi). As of 2005, it had a total population of 953,045 inhabitants. The territory consists of the Gedo, Lower Juba and Middle Juba provinces. Its largest city is Kismayo, which is situated on the coast near the mouth of the Jubba River. Bardera, Afmadow, Bu'aale and Beled Haawo are the region's other principal cities.

In antiquity, the Jubaland region's various port cities and harbours, such as Essina and Sarapion, were an integral part of global trade. During the Middle Ages, the influential Somali Ajuran Empire held sway over the territory, followed in turn by the Geledi Sultanate. From 1836 until 1861, parts of Jubaland were claimed by the Sultanate of Muscat (now in Oman), and were later incorporated into British East Africa. In 1925, Jubaland was ceded to Italy, forming a part of Italian Somaliland. On 1 July 1960, the region, along with the rest of Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland, became part of the independent republic of Somalia.

Jubaland was later the site of numerous battles during the civil war. In late 2006, Islamist militants gained control of most of the region. To reclaim possession of the territory, a new autonomous administration dubbed Azania was announced in 2010 and formalized the following year. In 2013, the Juba Interim Administration was officially established and recognized.

Formation Date 1925
Territory 87000.00 (Sq. Km)
Population 953045
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Operation Linda Nchi 2011-2012 2011 2012 unknown unknown
War in Somalia 2009–Present 2009 ongoing unknown unknown
Establishment Date Territory Area
2014 87000.00
Date Military Personnel
Date Expenditure Exchange Rate Us Doller Equivalence
Date Population
2005 953045