Tumebamba, Tomebamba (hispanicized spellings) or Tumipampa (Kichwa) was a former city-state in the Inca federation, held by the ethnic Cañaris people; roughly translating to "plain of knives". Because of its high quality architecture, it was given to Atahualpa when the empire was divided in 1527. At that time, the city was the most important of the northern part of the empire, known as Chinchay Suyu. The center of Tomebamba was Pumapunku (Kichwa for "puma door", hispanicized Pumapungo) from where the administration of the region was performed.

Its fate was decided when Canari tribal leaders chose to follow Huáscar in 1531 (War of the two brothers) and betrayed Atahualpa. In late 1531 or early 1532, Atahualpa and his generals took revenge, forcing the city to surrender and destroying it.

Tumebamba is the Canari-Inca influenced city that preceded Cuenca, Ecuador, after Guapondelig.

Formation Date 1527
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Inca Civil War 1529-1532 1529 1532 unknown unknown