Zealand, also Sealand, is the largest (7,031 km²) and most populated island in Denmark with a population just under 2.5 million representing about 45% of the country's total population.

It is the 96th-largest island in the world by area and the 35th most populous. It is connected to Funen by the Great Belt Bridge, to Lolland, Falster (and Germany from 2021) by the Storstrøm Bridge and the Farø Bridges, and to Sweden over Amager and the Øresund Bridge.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is located partly on the eastern shore of Zealand and partly on Amager. Other cities on the island include Roskilde, Næstved and Elsinore.

The island is not connected historically to the Pacific nation of New Zealand, which is named after the Dutch province of Zeeland.

Formation Date 1500
Population 2491090
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Count's Feud 1534-1536 1534 1536 unknown unknown