Canton of Schwyz

Schwyz (German:About this sound Schwyz) is a canton in central Switzerland between the Alps in the south, Lake Lucerne to the west and Lake Zurich in the north, centered on and named after the town of Schwyz.

It is one of the founding cantons of Switzerland; Switzerland's Standard German name, Schweiz, is derived from the name of the canton, and the flag of Switzerland from its coat of arms. For the history of the name, see Schwyz. The Swiss Federal Charter is on display in Schwyz. Northeast of the town of Schwyz is the Einsiedeln Abbey.

In June 2008, Schwyz was the only one of Switzerland's 26 cantons to vote in favor of a failed measure that would have subjected Swiss citizenship applications to a popular vote.

Formation Date 1500
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Second War of Kappel 1531 1531 1531 unknown unknown
First War of Kappel 1529 1529 1529 unknown unknown