Rattanakosin Kingdom

The Rattanakosin Kingdom is the fourth traditional centre of power in the History of Thailand (or Siam). It was founded in 1782 with the establishment of Bangkok as the capital city.

The maximum territorial extent of Rattanakosin Kingdom included vassal states of Cambodia, Laos, and some Malay kingdoms. The kingdom was founded by King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke of the Chakri Dynasty. The first half of this period was a time of consolidation of the kingdom's power, and was punctuated by periodic conflicts with Burma, Vietnam and Laos. The later period was one of engagement with colonial powers of Britain and France, in which Siam managed to be the only southeast Asian nation to remain independent of European colonialism.

Internally the kingdom developed into a modern centralised nation state with borders defined by its interaction with the Western powers. Significant economic and social progress was made, with an increase in foreign trade, the abolition of slavery and the expansion of education to the emerging middle class. However, there was no substantial political reform until the absolute monarchy was replaced in a revolution in 1932 by the constitutional monarchy.

Formation Date 1782
Dissolution Date 1932
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Siamese-Vietnamese War in Cambodia 1841-1845 1841 1845 unknown unknown
Siamese-Cambodian War 1831-1834 1831 1834 unknown unknown
The Cambodian Usurpation 1811-12 1811 1812 unknown unknown
Burmese–Siamese War 1787 1787 1787 unknown unknown
Burmese–Siamese War 1785–1786 1785 1786 unknown unknown