Chickamauga Cherokee

The Chickamauga Cherokee, also known as the Lower Cherokee, were a band of Cherokee who supported Great Britain at the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War. Followers of the Cherokee chief Dragging Canoe, in the winter of 1776/1777, they moved with him down the Tennessee River away from the historic Overhill Cherokee towns. In this more isolated area, they established almost a dozen new towns to gain distance from colonists' encroachment. The frontier Americans associated Dragging Canoe and his band with their new town on the Chickamauga River, and referred to them as the Chickamaugas.

After the Cherokee moved further west and southwest five years later, they were more commonly known as the "Lower Cherokee." This term was associated with the people of the "Five Lower Towns," who originally formed the new settlement. Neither this group nor other Cherokee considered them to be distinct from or independent of the overall 19th-century Cherokee people.

Formation Date 1776
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
The War of 1812 1812 1815 unknown 17000
Nickajack Expedition 1794 1794 1794 unknown unknown