Basuto (basuto)

The Sotho people (Basotho or Basuto) are a Bantu ethnic group whose ancestors have lived in southern Africa since around the fifth century. The Sotho nation emerged from the accomplished diplomacy of Moshoeshoe I who gathered together disparate clans of Sotho–Tswana origin that had dispersed across southern Africa in the early 19th century. Most Sotho today live in South Africa, as the area of the Orange Free State was originally part of Moshoeshoe's nation (modern-day Lesotho).

Formation Date 1600
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
The Gun War 1880-1881 1880 1881 10000 unknown
Basuto-Boer War 1865-1868 1865 1868 unknown unknown
Basuto-Boer War 1858 1858 1858 unknown unknown
Anglo-Basuto War 1857 1857 1857 unknown unknown
Anglo-Basuto War 1852 1852 1852 unknown unknown